LUNATIK is based in Chicago where cash is king and kickbacks are routine, and we're looking for socially savvy, entrepreneurial, gadget freaks to become our ambassadors.
Program Levels
By earning more commissions, the REWARDS (patent-pending business method) program issues leveled cash bonuses to sweeten the deal.
  • You have to start somewhere
  • = $25 Bonus
  • = $125 Bonus
  • = $250 Bonus
  • = $500 Bonus
Everyone gets a little something
As an ambassador, you can earn commission-based, cash reward for each purchase of any product from people in your social networks or email rolodex; they receive a 10% discount on a one-time purchase. The more they buy, the more you earn.
Get Started
Sign up for a LUNATIK account.
Go to your LUNATIK Account page.
Use your unique link to get selling.
LUNATIK REWARDS is powered by
FAQs Terms & Conditions 1040 W-8BEN
Rules of Etiquette

Please post and share with your network only. No one likes spam or being muscled out of their own turf.

Please DO NOT post or share your unique URL on, @lunatiklife , Lunatiklife on Facebook or any other LUNATIK or MINIMAL branded websites or other online platforms.

Please use your best judgement in posting your URL on any website you don't own (e.g. Posting to a comments section on Amazon). This behavior will automatically disqualify you from receiving any commissions and will force LUNATIK to terminate your account indefinitely.

Again, don't spam. We built the Rewards program and app for our fans. If you're spamming people, you're not our fan.

Please read the terms of use. It's a bunch of legalese for our mutual protection. Somewhere in there we say "Commissions are granted at LUNATIK's 100% full discretion," and "We reserve the right to revoke your commissions/account if we determine you have engaged in fraudulent activity"… OR NOT COMPLIED WITH OUR RULES OF ETIQUETTE.

We monitor everything. We check the legitimacy of the orders, the user accounts (e.g. inviting fake people to join, order transactions, returns/refunds, and the commission payouts.

Don't game the system. We're already offering a discount and commission totaling 20% of the sale. You won't find many companies offering this, so don't abuse it.

Direct all bulk purchase inquiries to; The REWARDS platform is not set up for bulk purchase orders or retroactive reimbursements to its members.