For iPhone 5

If your life requires ultimate protection above all else, TAKTIK® Extreme for 5 is the solution. As always, TAKTIK Extreme delivers refined and ultra-rugged protection from impact, drops and screen damage as well as water and dust ingression. Featuring an industry-first Corning® Gorilla® Glass lens, TAKTIK Extreme provides screen protection that doesn’t compromise on touch screen responsiveness.
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  • Features
    Corning® Gorilla® Glass Impact Lens For Screen Protection 9mm Patent-Pending Impact Truss Water + Dust Resistant Membranes Sealed Audio & Charging Ports Secure Screw Closure Direct Access To All iPhone 5s Ports Ringer Silencer Switch
  • Materials
    Corning® Gorilla® Glass Polymer Bezels Silicone Patent-Pending Impact Truss Aluminum Port Covers Hydrophobic Membranes PVD Coated Steel Hardware
  • Specs
    Size: 5.6 in x 3 in x .67 in Weight: 104 g
  • Compatibility
    iPhone 5
  • Color
  • Availability
    Out Of Stock